Aroi Seafood, seafood dishes, and Phuket local food, 59 – 99 baht

Aroi Seafood, seafood dishes, and Phuket local food, 59 – 99 baht

Come again with our restaurant review, this time I would like to recommend a great restaurant with great prices, Aroi Seafood, a restaurant at Cherngtalay Phuket.

The restaurant provides both seafood dishes and Phuket local food. The taste of the food is full of flavor and taste. If you want to taste an authentic Phuket local food, I recommend “Aroi Seafood”.

“Aroi Seafood” is a live seafood restaurant. And as I told before, food price starts at 59 baht and not over 99 baht, considered very cost-effective. This time I ordered Kaeng Som Goong Yod Maprao (Yellow curry with prawn and palm heart), it only 99 baht (net) and I get 3-4 big shrimps, it’s worth it. And for Pla Jian Ta Krai (Deep fried crispy fish with lemongrass and tamarind sauce) price is 99 baht (net), I and my friends we enjoy with the taste and it ok for us, we all full. The taste of this dish is really good, I can feel of tamarind flavor, lemongrass smell, and the taste that should be for Phuket local food. (P.S. normally we eat Pla Jian Ta Krai with cooked rice)

Also, the restaurant staffs provide us with a really good service, we really impressed, good service as expected, because it is a restaurant located among a five-star hotel in the Laguna Phuket area. Inside the restaurant, it is very comfortable and good airflow because it is a high roof structure building, almost open air. The restaurant has a view of the lake and the garden, really chic and cool, relaxing sit and dine. And most importantly, at this time, the restaurant must have “car parking”. And “Aroi Seafood” offers a big space for car parking, a super convenient, spacious place, you can park over ten cars here.

Sight experience:
A relaxing place with a view of green trees in the garden and lake views. The building designed for airy with its high roof.

Hearing experience:
Quietly, not have any disturbing noise. Sometimes I can hear the birds singing from the green garden.

Smell experience:
The kitchen is open-kitchen, but the smell does not bother the guest in a dining area.

Taste experience:
Strong and sharply stimulating flavor. It is a completely herbal and it is a real taste of an authentic Phuket local food.

Touch experience:
The restaurant chairs are weaving-chair, chair backrest is well ventilated, very cozy.

Food prices (some from the menu) at Aroi Seafood, Cherngtalay Phuket

  • Kaeng Som Goong Yod Maprao (99 THB) (Yellow curry with prawn and palm heart)
  • Naam Prik Goong Seab (99 THB) (Dried shrimp chili paste served with law mix vegetable)
  • Pla Jian Ta Krai (99 THB) (Deep fried crispy fish with lemongrass and tamarind sauce)
  • Mhoo Hong (99 THB) (Slow cooked pork belly with Chinese herbs and quail egg)
  • Gai Satay (79 THB) (Grilled chicken skewer marinated with coconut curry saved with peanut sauce)
  • Phad Thai Goong (99 THB) (Wok-fried rice noodles with white shrimps, bean sprouts, dried shrimp, and Chinese chives)
  • Pla Thod Kamin (89 THB) (Deep fried fish with garlic and turmeric)
  • Tom Hoi Whan (69 THB) (Steam clams with lemongrass, ginger, and Thai hot basil)
  • Meehoon Kaeng Poo (99 THB) (Red curry paste with coconut milk, crab meat, wild battle leaf, fermented noodle, and local veggies)
  • En Gai Thod (59 THB) (Deep-fried sesame chicken knuckles with plum sauce)
  • Bua Loy (69 THB) (Dumplings 3 color in coconut cream)
  • Kao Neaw Mamuang (69 THB) (Traditional mango sticky rice)

Opening Times:
Every day 12.00  – 22.00

076 356 999

Cherngtalay Phuket – opposit  Cassia Phuket before Canal Village

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