BABA Chino at Sri panwa, a delicious Chinese restaurant with a great view

BABA Chino at Sri panwa, a delicious Chinese restaurant with a great view

Today we would like to introduce “BABA Chino”, a luxury chic and chill restaurant. A Chinese restaurant with traditional Chinese food, a place that you filled with a beautiful of Andaman Sea views.

The restaurant serves every day for lunch and dinner. All food cooked by a professional chef. In every dish, guaranteed as same as the original Chinese Cuisine. As I test, the restaurant use only fresh ingredients. No need to fly to Hong Kong, just at Panwa cape on Phuket island, you can also enjoy delicious Chinese food. Recommend to come in the evening, it is a perfect time, because you can watch the sunset.

The restaurant provides both Chinese food and seafood dishes. For appetizers, after my tasting, I would like to say that you don’t miss “Seared Chives with Shrimp Dumpling” (288++) The deep-fried dumplings dough sheet is very thin, really crispy. The filling is delicious, a scent from chives, a sweetness from taro, and juicy shrimp.

For savory food, a dish that I want to let you try, “Crispy Mantis Shrimp with Garlic & Spicy Powder” (3,300++) and “Szechuan Soup with Seafood” (360++) These two dishes are really deliciously, spicy but also mellow at the same time.

The dessert, I am very wishy-washy, I can’t pick one between 2 dishes; Sago with Cantaloupe (290++) and Deep Fried Lava Taro (228++) The first one, “Sago with Cantaloupe”, it is a bowl of ice-bingsu that comes with soft Sago and sweet cantaloupe-juice snowflakes. “Deep-Fried Lava Taro” the cover-powder is chewy, and the filling is the same as the lava bun, has a taste of salted red-eggs, salty-sweet and creamy.

Sight experience:
The restaurant decorated in a simple way but still chic and cool. The ceiling use material of pearl shell. From the front of the restaurant, you can see the view of the Phuket Island west coast. Recommend coming in the evening, since it is a perfect time to watch the sunset.

Hearing experience:
In the restaurant, they play chic-chills music, I really enjoy it.

Smell experience:
The kitchen is inside, separate, no bad smell disturbs, good ventilation and comfort with cool air conditioner.

Taste experience:
All dishes are exquisitely delicious and delightful. Dim-sum has a wide selection of dipping – sauces, including jig chow, Shanghai sauce, Sichuan sauce. Seafood dishes are fresh, not fishy.

Touch experience:
The dining room is not crowded, good tables arrangement, have a space between the tables.

Food prices (some from the menu) at Baba Chino, Sri panwa Phuket

  • Shrimp Dumpling 258++
  • Pork Wanton 228++
  • Seared Chives with Shrimp Dumpling 288++
  • BBQ Pork Bun 258++
  • Lava Bun 258++
  • Szechuan Soup with Seafood 360++
  • Crispy Mantis Shrimp with Garlic & Spicy Powder 3,300++
  • Stir-Fried Noodle with Seafood & XO Sauce 550++
  • Sago with Cantaloupe 290++
  • Deep-Fried Lava Taro 228++

Opening Times:
Every day 12.00 – 21.00

076 371 008

At the Habita, Sri panwa Phuket Thailand

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