Basil Thai Kitchen – A young and fresh interpretation of Thai food

Basil Thai Kitchen – A young and fresh interpretation of Thai food

Basil Thai Kitchen restaurant, Mai Khao branch, located on the 2nd floor of Turtle Village Shop & Cuisine, Phuket. The restaurant has the slogan “Healthy Food for a Healthy Living”. From the restaurant name, they focus on Thai food.

The restaurant offers authentic Thai flavours. Price compared with the amount of food, the service of the staff and the restaurant location, I think it is not expensive.

Let’s take a look at each dish. Let me recommend some dishes that I really like, some dishes that I would recommend everyone to try. Let’s start with the first dish that I would like to recommend is “Fried Sea Bass with Chilli Sauce”. Fried sea bass with fresh chilli, fresh chilli sauce is so delicious, the perfect combination of sweet, sour, salty and spicy taste, topped on crispy sea bass. This dish is eaten with hot steamed rice, very delicious.

The next dish we would like to recommend is “Southern Thai Yellow Curry with Sea Bass and Coconut Shoot”. Southern Thai yellow curry may seem like a common dish. For this dish, it doesn’t lack any flavour at all, really perfect. They use the southern curry paste.Fish is also important, if it is fresh, it can add sweetness to the curry.

And finally “Summer Roll”, This dish is healthy food. There is a rare ingredient, the lotus petals. A little difficult to find in the normal menu. This dish is similar to fresh spring rolls.  Inside, there is a variety of fresh vegetables, beetroot, and lotus petals. Eat with sweet and sour dipping sauce, so delicious.

Sight experience:
The restaurant is on the second floor of the community mall in the Mai Khao area “Turtle Village Shop & Cuisine” They offer both the air-conditioned room and the seats outside. The interior of the restaurant is decorated with pictures of the food. There are many photography angles.

Hearing experience:
Inside the shop is quiet, no noise from outside and from the kitchen. The staff provides good service and courtesy. There is no noise making disturbing customers.

Smell experience:
Well air conditioner system, cool and comfortable. The air is not damp. No annoying smell from the kitchen or outside the restaurant.

Taste experience:
The restaurant is a franchise system. The recipes are well managed. Delicious food, authentic Thai food.

Touch experience:
The restaurant has a warm feeling wooden chair and table. For anyone who wants to sit comfortably and wide, there is a sofa corner too.


  • Summer Roll (140 baht)
  • Larb Chicken Spring Roll (140 baht)
  • Fried Sea Bass with Chilli Sauce(300 baht)
  • Seafood Phad Cha (220 baht)
  • Southern Thai Yellow Curry with Sea Bass and Coconut Shoot (200 baht)
  • Pineapple Fried Rice (280 baht)
  • Coconut Rice with Sea Bass and Mango Salad (180 baht)
  • Fresh Coconut Smoothies (140 baht)
  • Fresh Watermelon Smoothies (99 baht)
  • Mojito Passion Fruit (130 baht)

Open: every day 11.00 – 20.00

tel: +66 92 276 4891

889 Mai Khao, Thalang Phuket 83110 Thailand

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