CBRE Thailand Launches Its First Real Estate Podcast

CBRE Thailand Launches Its First Real Estate Podcast

CBRE, a leading international property consultant, unveiled its first-ever real estate podcast with CBRE Thailand Podcast.

It features two distinctive series, The Highlighter from CBRE, a special podcast series dedicated to research findings and thought leadership insights from CBRE Research and Open Floor from CBRE where subject matter and industry experts at CBRE share multidimensional perspectives and the latest movements and trends from their market sectors.

Ms. Aliwassa Pathnadabutr, Managing Director of CBRE Thailand commented, “It is important for every business, real estate included, to embrace new ways to bring our brand to life and engage with our clients. We see our podcast as one of the channels with great potential to deliver our extensive market insights in an easy-to-understand manner. Inclusivity and an expansive range of listeners is our aim and it is reflected in the topics discussed on both podcast series.”

“For example, Open Floor from CBRE answers the curious minds of our clients about the property market in lively and engaging conversations and provides a 101 guide for those who want to understand real estate. Our subject matter experts’ advice which are based on their extensive experience are now available for all listeners. This is another step towards establishing our presence in the non-property arena and it is a good opportunity to offer our insights and to inspire our audience,” Ms. Aliwassa added.

The Highlighter from CBRE podcast series focuses on CBRE’s in-house research and survey findings. With a growing fanbase, primarily developers, investors, professional advisors, and financial institutes, the series’ listeners can expect concentrated yet concise analyses of what matters most today in real estate including implications according to CBRE research reports in a much simpler storytelling format, evidently seen from popular episodes including “Turning Crisis into Opportunity for The Residential Market”, “Manage Your Assets Like A Football Manager”, “3 Property Highlights to Know Before The 2nd Half of 2021”, and “The Turning Point of Office Market: Trends from APAC”

Its sister series, Open Floor from CBRE, differentiates from the prior with episodes featuring industry experts from CBRE covering topics related to our daily lives whether personal or professional such as “How Romance and Real Estate Revolve around Each Other”, “30 Years of Office Market in 15 Minutes”, “Why Old Houses Never Go Out of Trend”, and “Does Work from Home Really Work?”.

Mr. Rathawat Kuvijitrsuwan, Head of Research and Consulting at CBRE Thailand and host of The Highlighter from CBRE added, “We have adjusted the tone of our findings to make CBRE insightful data less complex to digest with a touch of personal perspective. The purpose is to show our listeners that real estate is much a part of everyday life while it is a big driver of our economy. As property consultant, we make relevant information accessible to our clients whenever they need it. With CBRE Thailand podcast, it becomes approachable for those interested in joining and understanding the real estate game and its dynamic, especially the younger generation.”

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