M Beach Club Phuket, the only beach club on Mai Khao Beach

M Beach Club Phuket, the only beach club on Mai Khao Beach

Come back now, officially reopen of “M Beach Club”, the only one beach club on Mai Khao Beach. Outstanding with its chic decoration, available for outdoor seatings.

There are many photo spots, especially the invisibly view of Mai Khao Beach… with a five-star hotel service, under the operation of the JW Marriott Phuket Resort & Spa. I would like to confirm that you will definitely be impressed.

For the day we go, the weather is great, the wind blows, the sun is a bit strong, so choose to sit inside the restaurant to keep cooler and more comfortable. Just wait for the evening time then go out to walk along the beach. For this restaurant, the price is a bit high, but not too expensive. It is an acceptable price if compared to the nice service staff, a beautiful view, and a food quality… they don’t have an air-conditioned room, only focus on ozone in sea breeze air.

This time, I would like to recommend “Seafood Stack For Two”, because this is on promotion. The price is very attractive only THB998 ++. It is a seafood set that includes; fresh seafood, steamed seafood, fried seafood, and spicy salad seafood. As I said before, they provide quality food, their seafood is very fresh, so everything is very delicious such as shrimp, oysters, they are automatically sweetened with or without dipping.

And I would like to recommend “Grilled Beef Spicy Salad”, the restaurant imports beef from Australia, perfect grilled, really juicy, I love it. Another dish that you must say “wow” it looks simple, but the most delicious, it is “Roast Chicken Pizza”. Their pizza is excellent with sauce and cheese, rich and savory cheese, a crispy crust of every bite. I can’t stop eating, one is not enough, I have to ask more. FYI – They serve large portions.

Some from the menu at M Beach Club – JW Marriott Phuket Resort & Spa

  • Seafood Stack
  • Hot & Spicy Beef Salad
  • BBQ Chicken Pizza
  • Mai Khao Butterfly (drink)

Sight experience:
The restaurant decorated in a chic and chill style, with a painting corner. Seating outside to get the sunbathe and sea breeze, and another choice inside the restaurant.

Hearing experience:
There is chic music playing, each table does not disturb by each other, because they are well-spaced arrangement.

Smell experience:
The kitchen is inside or separate, no bad smell, good ventilation and can feel sea breeze blowing.

Taste experience:
Fresh and high-quality ingredients.

Touch experience:
The restaurant has many style corners to sit and chill. Sofa with comfortable cushions inside the restaurant or beach chairs, bird’s nest seats outside. You can choose whatever you want.

Opening Times:
Every day 12.00 – 22.00

076 338 000

Mai Khao Beach, Phuket Thailand

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