Phuket 9 shrines worship-tour / 99 baht

Phuket 9 shrines worship-tour / 99 baht

October 2020, Phuket – TAT Phuket office release that, for the “Phuket Vegetarian Festival 2020” TAT Phuket office will set an activity for tourists and Phuket people to enjoy with Phuket Vegetarian Festival.

TAT Phuket office will hold the activity “Phuket 9 shrines worship-tour” with a price of 99 baht.

The activity will be held for 5 days, from 17 to 21 October 2020. TAT Phuket Office will organize the tour to be as 2 rounds a day, 8.00 am. and 9.00 am., with 60 people for each group. To participate or need more information, please call 063-5354619 and 083-4203168.

9 shrines in the program

  1. Bang Neaw shrine
  2. Kew Thian Keng shrine (Saphan Hin)
  3. Jui Tui shrine
  4. Pudjo shrine
  5. Jeng Ong shrine (Opposite Wachira Hospital)
  6. Lim Hu Tai Su shrine (Samkong)
  7. Laitu shrine (Kathu)
  8. Sam Se Joo Hud shrine (Khao Rang)
  9. Sui Buun Tong shrine (Lor Loang)

FYI: Phuket Vegetarian Festival 2020 in line with the new lifestyle, New Normal, to prevent COVID-19 infection. Phuket Province Has issued a policy to people to keep a personal distancing and wear masks. And for parades around the city, it will be a carriage parade.

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