The new-look of PPAO Local Bus in Phuket

The new-look of PPAO Local Bus in Phuket

Phuket, Mr. Kittipong Klinthanom, Deputy Chairman of the Phuket Provincial Administrative Organization (PPAO) presided over the meeting of the PPAO’s bus organization planning.

The meeting is to consider adding bus routes, including the collapse of bus routes. As well as preparing the location of an electric charging station for EV (Electric Vehicle) Bus.

The President of the Phuket Provincial Administrative Organization (Mr. Rewat Areerob) has a plan to use EV Bus for the PPAO public transportation system. EV Bus is an electric vehicle and will be used instead of an old-style car (Pho Thong car). Because the EV Bus can provide more convenient services to Phuket people and the tourist, and it can reduce air pollution (Green City Project).

From the plan, the new bus system and EV bus will launch on 1st October 2021. EV Bus which uses electricity instead of oil will be open bidding in conditions to provide free service for students and the elderly.

The new routes have 2 routes; Chalong Pier – Koh Kaew – Rassada Pier – Bypass Road – Central, and add a new route Phuket international airport – Bang Khu Intersection – Bypass Road – Central – Chalong Temple – Rawai. Now the routes are in the process of the Phuket Province Transportation Department to approve.

This project has the new 24 EV Bus. And the old bus (Pho Thong car) will be donated to 5 PPAO schools (5 cars) and the rest will be sold. The Pho Thong car is a Pink wooden minibus that served for more than 10 years.

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