Silk Restaurant – Luxury as silk, the restaurants that you can come with anyone.

Silk Restaurant – Luxury as silk, the restaurants that you can come with anyone.

Today I will bring everyone to the “Silk Restaurant”, the restaurant is located at Andara Hotel, it is near Kamala beach Phuket. The shop is at the top of the hotel lobby.

It is a luxury and private restaurant. The restaurant is suitable for dining with VIP guests or a romantic dinner with your beloved with its romantic atmosphere in the evening.

Silk Restaurant serves both Thai and international cuisine. The restaurant is famous for Southern Thai Food, today we come to try “the Phuket Style Set Menu” and I order two more dishes for my team, it is “Moo Hong” and “Pla Kapong Hor Bai Tong”.

Each dish in the “Phuket Style Set Menu” has an original taste of Phuket local food. 

“Kaeng Som Pla with Chone” or the yellow spicy and sour soup, it is very tasty, they use a homemade curry paste with a special ingredient “fresh chili”. At this restaurant, you can get the flavor that you prefer, your spicy level, you can tell them… 

“Hoo Chae” is known as a Phuket healthy dish. It full of many important nutrients, including protein, vitamins, and minerals, all from fresh vegetables, crispy noodles, tofu, and boiled eggs. For boiled eggs, their soft-boiled egg is very perfect, I really love it… 

“Tao Kao Jee and Buea Tod” two deep-fried snecks, Phuket famous dishes that everyone must know. Tao Kao Jee is made from Tofu, I don’t know how to explain, you should come and try it by yourself, it is really crispy, delicious and chewy… 

“Nam Prik Goong Siab” or Crispy Shrimp Chili Paste is another dish, really impressed. Serve with cooked Jasmine Rice and fresh vegetables. The taste is perfect, I don’t want to share it with anyone.

For the other two dishes, I order to eat with cooked Jasmine Rice that the restaurant provides for free. At Silk Restaurant, they serve cooked Jasmine Rice for free and unlimited refills.

“Moo Hong” is a famous dish when talking about Phuket local food. Moo Hong at Silk Restaurant is cut into bite-sized, soft, and well marinated. Eat with hot steamed rice, really delicious.

The last one is “Pla Krapong Hor Bai Tong” or “Grilled sea bass wrapped in banana leaves”, it is one of the restaurant’s signature dishes. Grilled sea bass is perfect as fish meat is juicy, not too dry, not fishy and I can feel a smells of lemongrass. It is the best combination, grilled fish, and its delicious seafood dipping.

At first, I thought that food prices are a bit expensive but finally concluded that it is a reasonable price compared with the atmosphere, high-quality materials, and five-star service, really impressed.

Sight experience:
Silk Restaurant decorated in Thai style, the walls and furniture are wood. Provides a warm and relaxing mood and feels luxurious at the same time.

Hearing experience:
The restaurant has air-conditioned inside and has an open-air zone outside. Really private, not chaotic. Suitable for dining with special guests or a business deal.

Smell experience:
A separate kitchen, no cooking smells to disturb your meal. The air conditioning system is very good, feel comfy and cool.

Taste experience:
Serving both Thai and international dishes. For Thai food, you can tell staff, which is the taste you want, such as not salty, not spicy, or prefer very spicy.

Touch experience:
Comfortable seats, large chairs with cushions. Some corners have a table with sofas that allow you to sit soft and comfortable.

Food prices at Silk Restaurant Phuket

  • Phuket Style Set Menu: 1,600 baht for hotel guests and 2,400 baht for walk-in
    • Kaeng Som Pla with Chone
    • Hoo Chae
    • Tao Kao Jee and Buea Tod
    • Nam Prik Goong Siab” 
  • Moo Hong: 520 baht 
  • Pla Krapong Hor Bai Tong: 690 baht

Opening Times:
Every day 7.00 – 21.30

076 338 777

Kamala beach, Kathu Phuket

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