Takieng Restaurant – The new zone, Renaissance Phuket

Takieng Restaurant – The new zone, Renaissance Phuket

Takieng Restaurant located at Mai Khao Beach Phuket, the restaurant is famous for its sunset view. The restaurant originally had one zone, a luxury and sea-view zone, decorated in an elegant and classy style.

Now the restaurant has opened a new zone. This zone decorated in a modern style with a blue-white color tone. The restaurant has a comfortable feeling, suitable for chatting with friends or family dining. The restaurant is famous for Thai food, both traditional Thai food, and fusion Thai food. Open daily, 18.00 – 23.00 hr.

For today we have ordered Thai food, both culinary Thai food and Phuket local food, such as Pak-Miang (local vegetable) stir-fired with egg and shrimp, original taste of Phuket local food. Stir-fried crispy pork with red curry paste, I can feel crispy with spices savor. Beef ribs red curry, fusion style, beef ribs come in western-style, along with Thai curry paste, their chef stew it for half a day, sweet from coconut milk, all is perfectly combined. Deep-fried sea bass with Miang Kham, don’t miss this dish, I would like to recommend. And the last one is Pad Thai with shrimp, Pad Thai sauce is a Chef’s secret recipe, with the taste of tamarind. 

Before the end of this restaurant review, I would like to inform you that here “steam rice can always be refilled, good quality jasmine rice with no extra charge.”

Sight experience:
A new zone of Takieng restaurant, Renaissance Phuket Resort, and Spa, it is a simple and chic restaurant, with many beautiful photography angles. The restaurant size can provide for a group or private party.

Hearing experience:
Takieng Restaurant, they play chill music softly, how great for music listening during your meal.

Smell experience:
Fresh air, with air conditioning area.

Taste experience:
Delicious food, if you want to eat delicious food with Thai taste, recommend Takieng Restaurant at Renaissance Phuket Resort & Spa.

Touch experience:
Takieng Restaurant has a big chair and sofa really comfortable.

Opening Times:
Every day 18.00 – 22.00

076 363 999 (Reservations Required)

The restaurant located at Mai Khao Beach Phuket, inside Renaissance Phuket Resort & Spa.

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