Talung Thai, a stunningly view restaurant, Paresa Resort Phuket

Talung Thai, a stunningly view restaurant, Paresa Resort Phuket

Talung Thai Restaurant is an unblock view restaurant located in Paresa Resort, Kamala Beach Phuket. The restaurant provides fusion food, Thai food, and international food, focus on fresh ingredients.

The food at Talung Thai Restaurant, Paresa Resort Phuket prepared by Oppa-Chef, he is a Korea – Australia, chef “Franko” who graduated from France in cooking. For your information, the restaurant has received Michelin Plate awards 2019 and 2020. The restaurant provides two zones; inside the building and at a balcony.

Today, the day that we make a review, it is a bit cloudy so we can not watch the sunset, so sad but still okay. Because today I am impressed with the panoramic view and excellent service from the restaurant’s staff. Also, I really love the taste and presentation of each dish. At Talung Thai Restaurant, their price is a bit expensive, but it is a reasonable price compare to the special experience you will get.

Today we have 4 dishes, first is “Salmon Ceviche”. Ceviche is a Spanish word, it is a type of spicy salad with raw seafood soaked in citrus juices, mix with seasoning. For this dish, the chef uses raw salmon mix with lemon juice, avocado, shallots, chilies, and ginger. The next is “Fortune Papaya Salad”, as it wrapped in a dough sheet, an idea is like Fortune Cookies, after taste Fortune Papaya Salad I suddenly know that my future would be bright because I can feel a refreshing taste. The 3rd dish is “Chicken Roll” this dish is suitable for health lovers, made from chicken breast. And last one it is “Bingsu”, I would say that the cup is really large, available for 4-5 people, served with cantaloupe, dragon fruit, blueberry, kiwi, and papaya (seasonal fruit). Topped with caramel sauce There are 2 flavors, Thai tea, and green tea.

Sight experience:
Talung Thai Restaurant, its view is a really good, panoramic stunning view, and it is a nice windy place, the restaurant offers both indoor and outdoor seating. The main design is in wood furniture, a modern look with red and black cushions. I am really impressed with their thinking, tries not to cut the trees, keep it as the original.

Hearing experience:
You can hear the sound of the sea. No noise disturb between the tables, perfectly spaced out. The restaurant is separated from the resort, so it is quiet and private.

Smell experience:
Fresh air, no bad smell to disturb during your meal, the kitchen is behind inside the building.

Taste experience:
Focus on fusion food and local food. For Thai food, you can tell the staff about your level, how strong you want the flavor.

Touch experience:
Comfortable seats, large chairs with cushions. The height between the chair and the table is ok. Offer more choice, sofa area, for people who need a more comfortable.

Food prices (some from the menu) at Talung Thai Restaurant – Paresa Resort Phuket

  • Salmon Ceviche 450++ (Avocado, Shallot, Chili, Lemon, Ginger)
  • Fortune Somtum Bag 250++ (Papaya, Peanut, Long bean)
  • Chicken Roulade 650++ (Mushroom, Truffle Coconut Puree, Young Potato)
  • Bingsu 499++ (Korean style shaved ice flakes with seasonal fresh fruit condiments / With a choice of Green Tea or Thai Tea flavors)
  • Paresa Passion (drink) 400++ (Mout Gay Rum, Malibu, Passion Fruit, Pineapple Juice, Lime Juice, Elder Flower Syrup)
  • The Ginnie (drink) 400++ (Bombay Gin, Plum Sake, Cucumber Juice, Bitters, Fresh Lime)

Opening Times:
Every day
Breakfast 8.00 – 11.00
Lunch 11.00 – 17.00
Dinner 18.00 – 23.00

076 302 000

Kamala, Kathu Phuket

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