Technology set to redefine real estate sales in Thailand as Phuket-based

Technology set to redefine real estate sales in Thailand as Phuket-based

Zeus Teknology Real Estate Module to go on sale in April 2021, seamlessly combining virtual viewing technology with CRM capabilities to allow property agents and investors to realize their dreams.

Utopia Corporation has proven itself to be Phuket’s leading property developer, having invested THB8 billion in ten real estate projects over the last four years, to solve the issue of fragmentation on the tropical Thai island. In the era of COVID-19, however, this creative real estate company has faced another unexpected challenge: how to showcase its life-changing residences to potential international investors who are unable to travel.

Embracing a spirit of innovation and an ability to see the bigger picture, Utopia Corporation has now solved this dilemma by teaming up with 3D technology experts to develop, test, trial, and now launch a brand new solution that enables buyers to view every aspect of their new residence in a virtual world, and complete entire investment journey in confidence without ever having to leave their home.

The use of 3D technology to view real estate remotely is nothing new, of course; Utopia has been using it since 2015. The company discovered, however, that traditional products on the market did not meet its requirements. It wanted the virtual viewing platform to be enhanced and integrated with CRM and reporting systems to improve customer service and analytics. In 2019, Utopia Corporation’s CEO, Hachi Yin, traveled to Dubai to meet with two leading technology specialists, Abbas Ali and Atif Bashir, both of whom are graduates of the University of Karachi and have a combined 35 years of computer science experience. Together they launched Zeus Teknology.

Following intensive development and testing – including practical trials with 700 agents in China – this forward-thinking company launched the Zeus Teknology Real Estate Module, an attractive and intuitive real estate viewing platform that lets potential investors worldwide access full 3D project plans, learn which units are available, and then enter each property and view the floorplan and furniture set-up. Video call functionality then enables international buyers and agents to connect directly with Utopia’s local experts in Phuket for live viewings.

The technology is also seamlessly integrated with advanced CRM capabilities, allowing sales agents to record meetings, create client databases, record customer preferences, log meeting notes, schedule follow-up calls, and even record payments and generate receipts. A back-end reporting area allows agents to access analytical data and track business trends.

This software has been successfully used by Utopia Corporation’s in-house sales teams for most of 2020 and contributed to rising sales conversions for the company’s world-class real estate project in Phuket, Utopia Thalang.

This advanced solution will not be Utopia Corporation’s proprietary technology; during this era of unprecedented upheaval, Zeus Teknology has built this state-of-the-art product for the benefit of the entire industry. The Zeus Teknology Real Estate Module will be available for sale by April 2021.

“The global pandemic created a ‘Catch 22’ situation for the international real estate sector; on one hand, demand is rising as investors seek ways of escaping their daily lives and finding a new life in the sun. On the other hand, border closures mean that potential buyers are unable to travel to their desired destination and search for their perfect residence. We believe that Zeus Teknology has solved this conundrum. By perfecting our cutting-edge 3D viewing technology and combining it with advanced CRM and analytical capabilities, we are enabling developers, agents, and buyers worldwide to invest with confidence, without having to worry about travel restrictions. At Zeus Teknology, we are proud to help drive the real estate industry forward during this challenging time,” said Hachi Yin, CEO, Zeus Teknology.

Based in Dubai, Zeus Teknology is led by Hachi Yin as Chief Executive Officer. Abbas Ali, who has a BASc degree in Computer Science from the University of Karachi is Chief Operating Officer, and Atif Bashir, who obtained an MSc degree in Computer Science from the University of Karachi, is Chief Technology Officer.

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