The Slate Phuket Launches Holistic Retreats with KRU Precision Wellness

The Slate Phuket Launches Holistic Retreats with KRU Precision Wellness

Guests can now stay at the Bill Bensley-designed beachfront retreat and take advantage of the latest personalized preventative healthcare at a new onsite facility, while also embracing soothing spa treatments and energizing activities…

The Slate, the art-inspired beachfront retreat in Phuket, is a haven of health and tranquillity for guests who want to immerse their bodies and minds in a whimsical world of wellbeing. With its spectacular Coqoon Spa, which appears to float amid the tropical gardens, guests have already had everything they need to be fully revived and revitalized. Now, visitors to The Slate can embark on a more immersive journey to rejuvenation at KRU Precision Wellness, a new onsite facility that specializes in personalized preventative healthcare and innovative wellness programs.

This independent private health center promises a holistic approach to wellness, with an extensive range of scientific services that include the KRU Diagnose Program, which comprises a full check-up and screening session, vitamin services such as the KRU Signature VitaDrip, weight loss programs, liver detox cleansing and more.

The aim is to help people who are struggling to cope with high levels of stress, lack of sleep, poor diet, age-related afflictions, and other factors that not only impact mental and emotional health but can also have a negative effect on our physical wellbeing. At times like these, when issues such as global instability, financial insecurity, and restricted movement are affecting millions of people, the services provided by KRU Precision Wellness are more relevant than ever. Guests can now combine their stay at The Slate with a personal appointment at this innovative center, to create a comprehensive wellness experience.

Throughout their time at this breath-taking Bill Bensley-designed resort, a sense of serenity can be achieved in the extraordinary surroundings of the Coqoon Spa, an organic sanctuary that appears to grow out of the lush, landscaped gardens. With a choice of six stunning treatment suites and the gravity-defying Tree Nest, guests can choose from a menu of Asian-inspired therapies such as massages, exfoliations, body wraps, and facials, or create a bespoke spa package.

To reach a zen state of mind, The Slate’s yoga, Pilates, tai chi, and body stretching classes blend posture and breathing exercises to help the practitioner reach total relaxation, while muay Thai sessions offer an invigorating workout and an insight into authentic Thai culture. Adrenaline-fueled workouts can also be enjoyed with a circuit training program, which is designed to strengthen core muscles.

Then, after a rewarding day of stimulating therapies and energizing activities, guests can simply plunge into The Slate’s shimmering outdoor swimming pools or savor delicious and nutritious cuisine at a choice of exceptional restaurants, including Black Ginger, which is recommended by the Michelin Guide.

Perfectly positioned in a pristine corner of Phuket’s sunset coast, just 10 minutes drive from the airport, The Slate is easily accessible yet blissfully off the beaten track, making it ideal for Thai nationals and ex-pats seeking a wellness-centered escape.

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